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Road maintenance - Basic requirements

<p>The establishment of conservation engineering company When it comes to doing a good job of conservation companies have to talk about the establishment of conservation issues. Since we want to set up a person, financial, material independent market economy main body, we have the responsibility to lay a good foundation for it. The company from the establishment of the day we will give it a good congenital conditions.<a href="">Anti rain series construction expansion joints</a></p>
<p>(1) to establish a complete corporate legal sense of the legal entity. The establishment of limited liability company or limited liability company.</p>
<p>(2) the maintenance of the ownership of the company to a reasonable form: the company's asset structure, the establishment of equity should be consistent with China's actual situation. Must be based on local economic development to develop. To deal with the relationship between state-owned assets and private assets to maximize the efficiency of the use of funds. So do not the form of ownership of the company to determine the company's advanced nature. The proportion of state-owned assets can be greater than 50%, private assets can also be holding,<a href="">The best selling asphalt repair tape</a> employees can also be shareholders. Can not be closed and can not blindly pursue the private sector, seek truth from facts in light of local conditions. At present, there are three forms of expressway maintenance companies in China, which are based on the best completion of expressway maintenance work.</p>
<p>(3) the choice of partners: be sure to choose a strategic vision of the overall situation of cooperation partners. Partners not only see the potential of the highway maintenance engineering company can not only focus on immediate market interests. Because the highway is an important infrastructure for the development of national economy, highway with public welfare, integrity, countries around the world are included in the road public welfare undertakings. Expressway has the basic attributes of goods: value and use value. The expressway does not have another characteristic of goods - interchangeability. Moreover, the highway is not competitive. So the road is not a commodity in nature,<a href="">polymer modified bitumen manufacturers</a> the general law of the market economy is not suited to the development of highway. Expressway business is a public good, the cause of the highway is to serve the community as a whole, to ensure the normal operation of society as a whole.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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