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Redwood speculators need to wake up

<P>Survey data show that the majority of female consumers, mainly concentrated in the age of 18-30 years old, and now the use of furniture for more than 3 years to buy, the respondents belong to multiple provinces, including first-tier cities, municipalities,stainless steel furniture suppliers including frontier Regions, mainly in Guangdong, Hunan, Beijing. 70 after the consumer groups for the price of concern was significantly higher than 80, 90 after the consumer groups; 90, 80 after the consumer groups used to understand the information through the Internet, so the attention of the product site is higher than 70 after the crowd; in the brand , Physical stores, renderings, etc., different age levels of concern is not much difference.</P>
<P>Mobile Internet era, consumers understand the channels of furniture information is also more abundant. Overall, the Internet channel occupies 30%, television advertising,two seater table and chairs exhibition stores, newspapers and magazines were 23%, 20%, 7% of the proportion of traditional information channels. Friends and family is also one of the channels to obtain information to 17% of the proportion of people in modern society to show the need for communication between people.</P>
<P>Most of the consumers tend to get furniture through the Internet information, electricity providers so developed today, consumers are still buying channels under the mall. 37% of consumers choose furniture stores, 32% of consumers choose hypermarkets and 10% will choose in department stores. Only 21% of consumers choose shop.australian outdoor living furniture</P>
<P>In terms of factors that affect consumers' purchase of furniture, the price is low, with only 6% of the promotional discount factor,rust proof folding chairs wholesale while the green, zero formaldehyde is 31% of the proportion of consumers to buy the primary factor, Most consumers have changed the concept of consumption, more consideration of health and environmental issues.</P> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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