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real wood floor

Wooden model goods is loved by the masses in home heat insolation of sound insulation of real wood floor, adjust classics of luxuriant and harmless, exalted, prolonged uses warm Xia Liang of humidity, winter, green, the adornment style of real wood returns uncut jade to return true, simple sense is natural, enclothe in the forest rate drop, advocate environmental protection energetically today, real wood floor criterion more show precious. Aggrandizement wood floor is cleaned quickly, easily with wear-resisting, beautiful, environmental protection, moistureproof, flame retardant, moth-proofing, installation maintain, economy is practical the quality of floor of wood of favour; aggrandizement that wait for a lot of advantage and acquires more consumer rises ceaselessly, outside processing mastery of a skill or technique more hasten is advanced with diversification, more the demand of satisfactory and can different market. Model wood floor is in one case when maintain endophilicity of real wood floor, have again crackajack moistureproof be able to bear or endure water, acid-proof fungus of alkaline, curb, fight electrostatic, insect-resistant the function such as eat by moth. Model wood floor is having his moment sadly, it with low carbon, green, environmental protection, can call in circularly apply conquer the heart of numerous consumer. Wooden model floor will turn model of wood of   of   of new trend of floor industry trend into composite material is these building materials of year of new-style environmental protection that just appears, be in abroad also is to just start. The raw material that place of wooden model commodity uses is usable useless old plastic reach lever of orange of scrap lumber, aricultural to wait for plant fiber to make base material, do not contain any adscititious and harmful part. And can call in apply again, say to go up the novel commodity that second birth of the environmental protection on real significance, energy-saving, capital uses. Follow what people pays attention to degree to environmental capital to rise, call in in order to abandon old goods and materials and the trend that capital uses the loop that is core economy integratedly to develop mode to already turned world economy into development. Develop capital to use mastery of a skill or technique circularly energetically, will develop with the environment continuously to national economy produce far-reaching effect. And apply useless old plastic the good project that with model of wood of ligneous fiber production composite material finished product is used to this one demand just about. Wooden model floor is the floor board that with wooden model composite material makes, have and the fabricating characteristics with same lumber, apply common tool to be able to curium cut, bore, on hammer, very convenience, can resemble general lumber identical apply. The woodiness that has wood together feels and be able to bear or endure plasticly water is anticorrosive and characteristic, make it becomes a kind of function outstanding and very via what use the waterproof and anticorrosive building materials outdoor. The function of wooden model floor: 1, physical function: Intensity good, hardness is tall, prevent slippery, wear-resisting, not craze, not bug eat by moth, water imbibition is small, be able to bear or endure ageing, anti-corrosive, fight electrostatic and ultraviolet ray, insulation, adiabatic, flame retardant, can fight 75 ℃ high temperature and - the low temperature of 40 ℃ . 2, environmental protection function: Zoology wood, environmental protection wood, but second birth, do not contain poisonous material, critical chemical part, antiseptic, release without the harmful material such as formaldehyde, benzene, won't form air pollution and environmental pollution, can 100% call in apply new treatment again, also but biology degradation. 3, the exterior feels character: Have the natural exterior of lumber, qualitative feeling. Better than lumber dimension stability, without wood division scar, won't produce crackle, warp, be out of shape, commodity can make a variety of colour, appearance need not drench Qi Yi can be protected for a long time 2 times new not fade. 4, machine a function: Have the fabricating sex of lumber, if can curium, but dig, felt, secure with nail or bolt, all sorts of profile standard standards, construction installs quick advantage. Through traditional work method, can process all sorts of equipment and finished product.  
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