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production of wood flooring in China

<p>October 13 morning, the US Department of Commerce to determine the production of wood flooring in China imposed tariff rates, including the final tax rate of up to 58.84% of the anti-dumping duties and up to 26.73% of the countervailing duty. In 2009, the amount of US multi-storey wood flooring imported from China fell to US $ 120 million from US $ 148 million in the previous year. On October 21, 2010, the US domestic industry to the US Department of Commerce and the International T</p>
<p>rade Commission to apply for multi-storey wood flooring products originating in China double anti-investigation, and clearly the issue of RMB exchange rate subsidies. Then the United States Department of Commerce made a decision on anti-dumping, countervailing investigation. This is the first time the United States to China's forest industry to take a double reverse, but also over the years the United States on China's forestry industry started the most severe investigation. Anti-dumping tax rates were 0.33% for Liangyou, 0.47% for Yuhua, and 3.93% for Liangyou, 3.63% for Sanlin, and 3.63% for Sanlin, respectively. According to the results of the announcement, 0%. The remaining anti-subsidy enterprises involved in the countervailing duty rate of 1.5%, anti-dumping tax rate of 3.31%. Anti-dumping tax rate was 58.84%, countervailing duty rate was 26.73%. It is reported that China's flooring export business profits are generally less than 10%, faced with double tax rate, the competitive advantage of the Chinese flooring has gone. According to media reports, the China Wood and </p>
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