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preservative floor national standard

<p>ustry Research Institute, China Forestry Society of Wood Industry Branch of Wood Conservation Research Association, Shanghai Wood Technology Co., Ltd. and the National Wood Standardization Technical Committee Secretariat, the Inner Mongolia Forest Industry Group and Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Forestry Research Institute co-organized by the Wood Protection Industry Seminar outdoor wood preservative floor national standard start meeting was held in Shanghai, from the national research institutes, universities, enterprises and quality 18 units, more than 40 representatives attended the meeting. Wood protection room director Jiang Mingliang researcher on the water-borne wood preservative analysis method GB / T23229-2009 nati</p>
<p>onal standards and wood preservative logo LY / T1925-2010 forestry industry standards were introduced; wood preservatives , Classification and requirements for the use of wood preservative and other national standards for the progress of the briefing. Outdoor wood preservative floor, the drafting of national standards group leader, Shanghai Wood Technology Co., Ltd. different chief engineer Chen Renwang and outdoor landscape decorative wood, forestry industry standard drafting group leader, Zhou Yu, deputy researcher on the national standard outdoor With wood preservative floor (draft) , the forestry industry standard outdoor landscape decorative wood draft standard and the preparation of a detailed description. The experts made comments and suggestions on the further revision and improvement of the standards.</p>
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