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outdoor flooring for balcony

Irregular change of design and color of household of design of bamboo wood floor transfers the colour of the most bamboo floor on natural market basically has two kinds: One kind is natural look. Because of the growth of bamboo radius wants than wood small much, suffer sunshine to affect lax high, those who do not have the side of yin and yang that showing is different, the bamboo floor that be machined by fresh bamboo so and becomes has rich Zhu Wen, and colour and lustre is well-balanced, colour of make it floor is comparative and consistent. Floor of meantime nature bamboo machines appearance with varnish, take the color with the most primary bamboo, open system bright, near the colour of carbonization color and Walnut bamboo floor, it is bamboo actually be changed through bake and become, dignified is composed in visible still and clear Zhu Wen. Another kind is to go up artificially of lacquer, can allocate all sorts of flowery colour, but normally overweight colour can cause Zhu Wen by complete cover in, the fleck that makes bamboo floor possesses vitality " come to naught " , those who affect bamboo floor is beautiful. So drab floor pattern, the consumer that makes a few have higher demand to pattern abandoned bamboo floor. One, choose and buy of bamboo wood floor sees product exterior quality first view its floor colour and lustre. Yellow of gold of nature floor colour and lustre, open system floor of bamboo of bright; carbonization is bronze-coloured or Brown, colour is even and luster feeling. 2, paint quality is in floor park light, see its appearance have without idea of skin of dot of bleb, hemp, orange, seeing its lacquer face again is rich and generous, plump, evenness. 2, quality of connotation of product of bamboo wood floor 1, principal read raw material, can use hand weigh in hand and watch with the eye, if the floor is taken lighter in the hand, clarify if the eye watchs his,those who choose is tender bamboo; unity and coherence in writing is punch-drunk, clarify this bamboo is not fresh, be relatively old bamboo. 2, seeing a floor construct is symmetrical balance, can look from the two end panel of bamboo floor, agree with semmetry to balance a principle, if complex form brings up stability. 3, the agglutination between floor layer and layer is close. Break with two tactics, can appear statified.  
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