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On the Style of European Classical Furniture

<p>According to the latest data, as of the end of 2013, the number of Internet users in China 618 million, nearly half of online shopping, up to 302 million people. Faced with such a huge potential customer base,<a href=''>where to buy camping folding beds</a> businesses have "network" war, and strive to occupy a place in the Internet market. Because of the attributes of wear and tear, logistics, after-sales and other issues, the furniture industry is very difficult road to electricity providers, O2O slogan though shouted, but few winners. Home furniture as a start-up custom furniture company, will be stationed at the beginning of business platform for electronic business, shows that in the Internet age, even if the harder, O2O has become the road of business development must-choose.</p>
<p>Furniture industry trends: as also O2O, also difficult O2O</p>
<p>Now the furniture industry is in the rising operating costs, increasing competition in the market environment,<a href=''>folding chair with cooler</a> simply rely on the traditional mode of operation has been significant weakness, line two-track system has become inevitable, and when to enter the electricity business platform, the business Different strategies. Still goods with home, Sophia and other mature enterprises in recent years began to test the water and electricity providers, and just set up near the Commodities house is the opposite, was first established online and offline synchronization "decoration", operation. Why so anxious to layout O2O, goods house CEO Shi Zhenzhong made the following explanation:</p>
<p>"Since the students born in the Internet age, we should make good use of it opportunities." Commodities house is not yet entered the stage of profitability of the new business, while settled in the cats, Jingdong, No. 1 shop, several major business platform, not artificial Costs, only the deposit, the use of fees is a small fortune is not a small expenditure, but I believe that the influence of these well-known electronic business platform - to make good products can be fame and fortune, FMCG Korean clothing is A good example.However, furniture and clothing is different from the Internet alone is difficult to open the market, there must be tangible to see the kind of job,<a href=''>garden bench with table</a> so the housing materials for the customer to experience the museum. Network platform and experience each other museum Effective diversion, more conducive to the promotion of sales, which is the choice of O2O housing goods intended, although the pressure is greater, but willing to try.</p>
<p>Furniture O2O operations: logistics, aftermarket two mountains
It is understood that a well-known custom closet enterprises, only one Jingdong will bring more than 8,000 million into a single, O2O for the furniture industry, the ability to open up the market is no doubt. However, this emerging business model in China still need to improve, logistics, such as the sale of two giant mountain, restricting the furniture industry O2O development. Many consumers said that the purchase of furniture or choose to go to the physical store selection, although the price a little expensive, at least the heart can be practical at the same time, the price is very high.</p>
<p>The face of logistics and after-sales problems, the development of mature custom furniture companies rely on around the subsidiaries and teams to achieve the "face point" of the docking, as a new business, housing home only in Beijing has a physical store, is how to deal with these two The problem?</p>
<p>"In the O2O model, custom furniture, compared to the traditional furniture business is a distribution advantage in the housing, from the measuring tape to the delivery assembly, must be carried out by a dedicated designer supervisor or personally complete, if not delivered home,<a href=''>mesh chaise lounge chairs</a> Is not complete orders, specialized logistics team is the enterprise standard.On the sale, subject to geographical restrictions, the current housing market just want to do the Beijing market.Online and offline customer service are the same, the customer will not because of Enjoy the low discount line was treated differently. "Shi Zhenzhong replied.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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