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If you are a hostbot administrator you MUST follow these rules, if I or another admin or clan member sees abuse, you WILL be banned from the bot, have powers removed, and will no longer be a member of TwGB.

Note: These rules apply to only Clan TwGB and the Hostbots. TvGB may differ some.

1: [Admins] Anytime someone intentionaly joins and leaves game use !banlast ONLY if noobtime is still in effect, if noobtime has passed for sometime and they leave, DO NOT BAN THEM. If they happen to lag out do not ban them.

2: [Admins] No trash talking clan members or any other player what so ever, you represent the clan, and the shamans.

3: [Admins] DO NOT EVER CLOSE MORE THAN 4 SLOTS AND LEAVE THE GAME LOBBY, this prevents new game creations on the bot.

4: [Admins] Do not needlessly ping players, or ban them for lagging, only kick if they lag, this also counts during noob time.

5: [Admins] No backtalking ANY shaman of the clan, they gave you your powers, we can easily destroy your rep in the clan and remove/ban you from everything we run.

6: [Admins] Do NOT use any commands to show another players country of origin, or there IP address.

7: [Entire Clan] Read rule number 5.

8: [Entire Clan] Do NOT spam commands to any of the bots, this includes the stealthbot and the host bot.

9: [Entire Clan] Do NOT complain about your clan rank, a peon is a member, and a grunt in TwGB is a Hostbot Admin, this is so you can see what TwGB members are considering as admins.

10: [Entire Clan] DO NOT BUG ME IF YOUR NOT AN ADMIN!!!! It is most likely because I haven't talked to da_troll, or we have enough admins already.

11: [Peons/Grunts] If you are marked as inactive by for over 35 days you will be removed for inactivity.

12: [Shamans] If you have been inactive for 15 days you will be demoted to grunt, once inactive for 35 days, you will most likely be removed from the clan.

13: [Entire Clan] In order to be exempt from rules 11/12 please let c0rr0sive know so we can make an exception based upon what's going on.


15: [Everyone] Do not spam, you will be banned for a 2nd offense.

16: [Everyone] If a "trick" is found to be a glitch by the ITT community on the forums, then don't do it, if an admin sees this you MAY get banned.

17: [Everyone] Leaving during noobtime results in a ban, you can only have a ban lifted ONCE, to do so email your issue and account name.

18: [Admins/Shamans/Grunts] If you leave multiple times during noobtime or during game, I will revoke your TwGB status.

19: [Everyone] Ban evasion is prohibited, you are not allowed to bypass bans by changing IP or your name, if caught you will be ip banned, again.

20: [Everyone] Rushing is permitted, camp rushing is NOT permitted.

21: [Admins] Do NOT use !autostart off, !owner, or !lock, these commands can prevent others from starting the game if you log off.  
*21: You can now use these three commands, but, if you leave a game, PLEASE make sure you turn autostart on by typing !autostart 8

22: [Admins] When you ban someone type “!ban username REASON WHY THEY LEFT AFTER NAME” otherwise I will take it as a noob time leaver, this is so I can see if your bans are justice, and to help keep me from reading a 2GB text file…. Not fun loading that… Forum Index -> Clan TwGB & TvGB
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