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Office furniture increasingly specialized

<p>With the development of the times, office furniture gradually formed a professional, has gradually become a lot of categories, such as office screen furniture, living room furniture, restaurant furniture, and furniture such as hotel TV cabinet and so on. Office furniture inside with different raw materials, different production processes,<a href=''>how to build a portable chair?</a> different product standards, different use of occasions, different sales methods, different after-sales service, etc., have the formation of professional furniture. As the production of office furniture, sales, installation and general civilian furniture are very different, in order to better complete and improve after-sales service, so the gradual formation of office furniture specialization.</p>
<p>April 2013, Yiwu, the first International Furniture Fair, as China's furniture manufacturing one of the five bases, Zhejiang office furniture production is huge, the overall image as a production cluster. It is reported that part of the cutting-edge office furniture business began to embark on the road of high-end innovation, there are some companies wandering in the processing and OEM low-end ranks. Now, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, how to open up the market of office furniture business the way? This time,<a href=''>portable round table and chairs</a> the reporter tried from the Yiwu Furniture Fair office furniture business peeped on one or two.
After the baptism of the international financial crisis, more focus on the study of domestic furniture. Market trends, speed up the development, adjustment of product structure, as many Hangzhou furniture enterprises to focus on. Hangzhou, with its own furniture industry characteristics, has clearly put forward to create "China office furniture production base."</p>
<p>Statistics show that Hangzhou has more than 100 large-scale furniture enterprises, the annual sales value of 20 billion yuan breakthrough, the formation of office furniture, outdoor furniture and furniture, and other characteristics of the main products, and has become the country's second largest office furniture Production base. The rapid development of enterprises, the continuous improvement of industrial chain supporting products to the international trend and standards to move closer to the sudden emergence of the plate, the establishment and completion of industry organizations, manufacturing specialization, market globalization,<a href=''>high bistro set with stools</a> combined with experts and merchants recognition and esteem, Hangzhou, the office furniture business to a new height. From April 9, 2012, "China office furniture industry base" has since become Hangzhou and Hangzhou furniture enterprises a big ring signs.</p>

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