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Not good on the wooden floor, there you are! Raiders quickly

<p>Throughout the current floor market, marketing has become the phenomenon of normalization on the market. Flooring enterprises in the overall industry situation is relatively sluggish against the background,<a href="">pergola kits wooden long island</a> you want to seek long-term development alone is clearly not desirable to rely on promotions. Increasingly rational consumers in the moment of shopping, promotions for consumers to stimulate the effect has been significantly reduced, therefore, the floor you want to seek business opportunities need to "another way."</p>
<P>In the sales process of floor brand influence is particularly critical></P>
<p>Domestic flooring brand after years of precipitation, although not all brands of floor quality can pass, but those in the first echelon of the brand, the quality is basically guaranteed. But when it comes to brand appeal, sent thousands of miles. I contact the dealer, for the promotion of marketing activities are particularly interested in,<a href="">recycled plastic composite decking</a> but for brand promotion is not enthusiastic, in their view, "the floor is a durable consumer goods, personal consumption frequency is low, so the brand attention is not high, Lock the customer, can only rely on personal reputation. "This is the idea of ​​many dealers.</p>
<P>In the production enterprises, many companies still pay attention to brand promotion, from the title of the brand program, to sponsor the concert tour, can be described as the unique style, brand promotion. I would like to say is that this branding, if sustained, to a certain extent, the formation of terminal sales to promote the role, but want to form long-term effects, or to achieve breakthrough sales really difficult. Consumers will pay attention to a variety show to understand the brand, and remember the brand, but rarely because of this scene and choose to buy this brand of products. No long-term accumulation of the brand and the formation of the corresponding "brand vocabulary", it is difficult for consumers to pocket.</P>
<p>In addition to the brand itself, marketing is also a very important aspect. In the market economy, commodity marketing is a very normal thing, even if the floor is durable consumer goods, there are product inventory, or product updates, etc., through a variety of practical or disguised price discount activities, product sales are Normal, many foreign brands will choose the flooring at a point in time for such marketing activities.</p>
<p>But in the country, this marketing has obviously changed the taste - the price uniformity in name only, the price mechanism is illusory, coupled with perennial discount promotions, not only to potential consumers on the floor price foggy feeling, the business The so-called promotional activities have begun to become numb. In the absence of a variety of elements of brand promotion success,<a href="">best price epoxy composite materials</a> the domestic flooring industry terminal brand activities are becoming more "alternative": marketing more and more sophisticated, but no matter what kind of theme discounts, no matter how businesses cry, consumption Are on the sidelines.</p>
<p>In the current flooring market, the promotion has become a normal phenomenon in the context of the consumer for the promotion of this attitude, for the floor business, perhaps it is worth reflection. The market is a series of reasons to spur the floor to make changes in business, if still sticking to the promotional model, waiting for sales promotion sales promotion, which is undoubtedly the "death" of the most direct expression.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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