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New multi - functional lightweight composite wallboard sound

<P>Not long ago, the reporter went to the town of Dongyang City, South Garden Garden Garden New Materials Co., Ltd. interview, 6 beautiful cottage into the eyes. "These small villas all use the company's independent research and development production of multi-functional lightweight composite wall construction.This new wall materials can be used for building walls, interior decoration," said Shao Xujun,<a href="">temporary 3 ft outside fencing</a> chairman of the garden of new materials.</P>

<p>Multi-functional lightweight composite wallboard in the end is what kind of product? Zhong Yun Fang introduced the product to be the first to form a honeycomb core, and then processed into a honeycomb paperboard, and then paste the different materials in the cardboard, the final thickness of the formation of light according to the wall. Therefore, the production of the product from the paper packaging technology, the garden is the new material companies in the field of paper packaging at the same time to the downstream expansion of paper packaging products.</p>

<p>"Perhaps we will be building a house in the paper fire, water and other aspects of doubt. But this multi-functional lightweight composite wall materials used by the scientific configuration, well-designed, the use of advanced technology from production, do not worry about fire prevention, The fire resistance is up to 1.83 hours, the fire rating is A-level (fire-resistant), the fire-resistant level is less than 0.13w / (m k) , In line with national fire rating requirements, and the core material of lightweight wall honeycomb paper core waterproofing agent treatment, with strong water and water resistant features, as the wall and the bottom wall with 100MM cement guide wall does not produce Flooding phenomenon.</p>

<p>Not only that, multi-functional lightweight composite wall panels also have a unit of light weight, high compressive strength, sound insulation performance, thermal insulation properties, construction is simple and quick, comprehensive low cost, seismic superiority. "Sound insulation performance to meet the requirements of professional recording studio,<a href="">tell me how much does plastic garden decking cost</a> air-conditioning temperature or temperature within 3 hours after the temperature remains the same, per person per day to complete the installation of 50 square meters of walls, 3.7% increase than traditional materials available housing area ... ... these features Advantages will allow the product is full of market vitality.</p>

<p>"Multi-functional lightweight composite wallboard can be used both inside the wall can also be used for the outer wall, the main promotion in the use of interior decoration, can be widely used in schools, hospitals, high-rise buildings, offices and other public buildings With the R & D innovation and product technology to mature,<a href="">wood deck boards for sale</a> this new wall material can quickly into the tens of thousands of households, that time, the product will enter the country's construction and decoration dealers, Can also be customized according to customer demand for custom.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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