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nature of the floor

<p>  In September, the wood flooring market surging, solid wood flooring turnover increased, due to the increase in labor costs, resulting in business profits of solid wood flooring compression. The antique floor due to the restrictions in the maintenance, the price is relatively expensive, the volume was insufficient. 1, solid wood flooring: turnover continues to rise, labor costs rise too much business profits continue to decline. According to the floor dealer to reflect the recent floor market began to pick up, trading volume rebounded slightly, but the rate of increase is very limited. All businesses have told reporters that this year's flooring market is indeed much harder than before. Has entered the home improvement season in September, but the flooring market,</p>
<p> the flow is still small. In addition, the dealer's profits have shrunk, the main reason is that labor costs rose too fast, the cost of the day before the workers probably in the 100-150 yuan, and now basically in the 150-200 yuan, while the floor price is Basically did not rise too, and in order to attract customers, often have to make concessions, which makes the dealer's profits have been greatly compressed. 2, antique floor: clean up on the difficult, relatively high prices, trading volume. At present, the market popular antique floor mainly hand scraping, drawing, spot, and several other styles. Antique flooring is the pursuit of a purely natural feeling, compared with the previous wooden floor, antique floor look a lot of heavy color, its color changing to heavy color, dark mainly in the preservation of wood based on its own texture, but also man-made To add a patch, surface undulation and other discordant elements.</p>
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