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Nanxun flooring Paichao

<p>pay close attention to industrial production, pay close attention to product quality, as long as you do these to worry about development. Profit level decline is not really difficult Nanxun recent business for the emergence of negative events, Huzhou City Nanxun District, the relevant industry leaders said: Some time ago the NDRC Nanxun wood flooring business visited the survey, from Nanxun wood flooring industry development , Although there are external factors, there is a corresponding internal pressure. But as an entrepreneur, can not focus on his party, should also uphold a sense of responsibility for the community, enterprises and employees to do more trade-offs. Since 2008, the industry major issues affect the profit margins of enterprises, and real estate, investment, the diversification of the surrounding industries try to make the same profit in the wood flooring business while expanding the business risk. Now the big slogan for the industry more a</p>
<p>nd more big companies relish, and the rational use of the industrial chain, you can in the original development of enterprises on the basis of the enterprise management, channels, human resources, substantial cost reduction , Its advantage is self-evident. On the current situation of the industry as a whole, although the challenge is a major need to overcome the problem, but not to the true sense of the rumors as the outside world as difficult to sustain. Industry leading brand to concentrate on the development of Industry to face the outside world Nanxun wood flooring industry cluster and industry development crisis, the same in the Chinese flooring capital of the various brands, but still dedicated to the enterprise development. Faced with this series of Paolu storm, leading brands of various brands have said that doing business is to make profits while doing brand building, the real success of the enterprise is to achieve scientific development of the industry, out of the enterprise belongs to Nanxun own Development. This month, as Nanxun wood flooring and even the domestic industry leading brand of Friends of the World Wood, Yongji Wood, Gerso</p>
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