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Multi-functional intelligent integrated maintenance vehicles

<p>Three pieces of equipment to crack the artificial bridge inspection multiple bottlenecks
Bridge maintenance is to ensure the smooth flow of roads, safety, an important part of road maintenance is the most important, in order to ensure that the bridge is always in normal working condition,<a href="">Pavement grooving machines application field</a> the Council is equipped with three detection equipment, completely solve the bridge inspection, testing, assessment problem.</p>
<p>Reinforced concrete detector. In the manual testing period, mainly by the visual appearance of the bridge, with or without cracks, signs of corrosion of steel, are passive detection. For the change from passive to active, the addition of a set of concrete reinforcement detector, bridges, tunnels, walls and other concrete structures in the reinforcement position, the distribution and direction of reinforcement, protective layer thickness,<a href="">road grooving machines Application range</a> the effective detection of steel diameter; Magnetic media in the ferromagnetic (such as wires, pipelines) to detect and distribution. Through detection, predictable potential disease, the first time to take measures to reduce security risks, greatly reducing maintenance costs, only this one, annual savings of more than 10 million maintenance funds.</p>
<p>Automatic digital hammer. It is mainly used for testing compressive strength of concrete by rebound method. It is simple to operate and can test the result of strength test. Powerful data analysis and processing software can automatically generate test report.</p>
<p>Crack width gauge. A lot of bridges built by the situation, it is difficult to close the detection of artificial, then 50 meters by the width of the ultra-long-range non-contact image acquisition function, the real bridge, concrete pavement crack width quantitative quantitative detection. High efficiency, accurate positioning measurement, and reduce labor costs, greatly enhance the measurement of maintenance personnel in the personal safety.
Strengthen supervision of people and vehicles to ensure that the ban
In order to better play the best performance of first-class construction equipment, personnel and equipment, organic integration, wireless electronic Patrol system, fuel-efficient vehicles GPS positioning, video law enforcement forensics will be a.</p>
<p>To ensure that vehicle inspection in time, in place, opened a set for the vehicle management and design of the GPS fuel consumption monitoring system, while inspection vehicles installed fuel consumption type GPS positioner. In addition to the traditional GPS positioning system, the system can also realize real-time monitoring, recording and management functions such as electronic fence, mileage statistics, speeding reminder, fuel consumption monitoring and management, oil leakage automatic alarm, etc., and high-low temperature, Harsh environment,<a href="">Good Asphalt Mixer Poor Quality Equipment</a> still has 24 hours of continuous work capacity. Board monitoring room professional software platform has a powerful database functions, can automatically generate various types of vehicle operation reports, to achieve the inspection of vehicles standardization, standardization and intensive management order and management efficiency.</p>
<p>To ensure that personnel inspection in place, an additional electronic patrol system. Will be set up in the Bureau of maintenance equipment, maintenance section chief by the total responsibility, in the six patrol car additional six patrol rod, 30 inspectors each equipped with a personal button. In the provincial road sea, smoke milk line and other sections of the important nodes, bridges, channels, an additional 32 electronic patrol points, requiring more than 120 kilometers per day across the board inspection shall not be less than 2 times.
In the vehicle, personnel inspection work are in place on the basis of supervision, how to solve the problem of blind spot of the first evidence of the scene and highlights it. To this end has added five sets of law enforcement recorder, support a key camera, a key video function. The use of equipment for law enforcement recorder plays an important role in guaranteeing the impartiality of law enforcement, further improving the level of law enforcement, enhancing public trust and public satisfaction, and comprehensively implementing the strategy of administration according to law.</p>
<p>In recent years, the council to add a new type of conservation machinery and equipment more than 30 sets, including asphalt mixing plant, stabilizing soil mixing station, paver, milling machine, excavators, loaders, rollers, graders, D85 bulldozers, Snow melting agent spreading vehicles, etc., and gradually realize the pace of the process of full-speed technology, and has been walking in the forefront of the city. Compared with the traditional maintenance mode, mechanized maintenance can greatly improve the quality of road maintenance, reduce maintenance costs, reduce labor intensity, improve safety, highlighting the good economic and social benefits.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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