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Medium or small floor enterprise

Wooden model composite material develops prospect in furniture domain auspicious thirteenth be in before long before exposition of material of Asian international family property of family property material Guangdong suitable heart is held. Session, the expert that composite material works and a few companies represented family property job and wooden model to discuss wooden model together the composite material use in family property domain foreground. They think together, wooden model composite material marchs the good luck that family property works often already arrived now. Use association wood model integratedly according to Chinese capital Liu Jia of secretary-general of committee of composite material major introduces, these the job develops year of family property fast, space is large, 2011 production value exceed 1 trillion yuan. Job of hypothesis wood model can share from which a cup of a thick soup, even if need only 5% , can give wooden model the bazaar space that composite material industry brings 50 billion yuan, this to requiring the Chinese wood model of 10 billion yuan of production value only at present temptation is very great composite material industry. Liu Jia makes clear, wooden model material is lively the principal component of the project of section material Dai Mu that entering family property to work also is national proposal. Composite material industry passes Chinese wood model ten years begin, treatment skill and product use had great advancement, can satisfy the need of material of oppose of family property labour thoroughly. And, as comparative as the material such as real wood and beaverboard, composite material is in wooden model the side dominant position such as wear-resisting, anticorrosive, moistureproof, flame retardant, environmental protection is prominent. Wooden model composite material only appoint meeting and the material that family property works only appoint cooperation of can germinant before two years arrange with, both ends is right synergic foreground very value, of concerned company enthusiastic very tall also. For this, liu Jia thinks, composite material enters wooden model the good luck that family property works already gradually hasten often arrives. The expert that family property works also makes clear, capital of Chinese real wood is finite, the country also took severe safeguard to silvan capital. To China such family property produces and cost big country and character, the family property material with development and new look for makes the new task that urgent need handles. Suppose can wooden model material a lot of use excellent illicit works, in short supply to reducing log of family property job doubt has very first sense. Together, because composite material can make wooden model conveniently,become profile, can omit so the working procedure that lumber machines, save labour cost, pass in and out produces power before. In addition, composite material still has wooden model a the largest dominant position, that is material does not contain the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, this furnished to handle program wonderfully to suffer the family property formaldehyde of bad-mouth to transcend mark question. But delegate attending the meeting also puts forward, family property is versed in oppose wood model is a brand-new use domain for composite material, the communication of synergic both ends and understanding are very principal. The function of composite material should have model of wood of oppose of family property labour deepen know, and the material need that composite material works to family property should have wooden model deepen understanding.  
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