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marketing the Chinese flooring industry

<p>to draw more source for the ethnic groups, to create a win-win market interests. In the homogenization of products, channel homogeneity, homogenization of the terminal, the promotion of homogenization, marketing, homogenization of today, many traditional industries will be differentiated marketing as a straw, and the formation of cross-industry alliance has become a lot of businesses Seeking the Blue Ocean. As has a long history of borrowing marketing, rich experience in the concept of marketing the Chinese flooring industry, play this card to attract different users, to seize as much market share seems to be sooner or later. I do not know is not a coincidence, two flooring giant Power Dekor and nature invariably chose the home appliance industry in the TV category as their own different industry alliance object. One is known as the first brand of national television Changhong Electronics, one is internationally renowned appliance brand Haier's Haier TV. </p>
<p>From a single component of the brand point of view, the two different industry alliance called the heavyweight. Flooring brands are immediately in the media and individuals, corporate Web site began to hype, the prospects and significance of the Union said it was very optimistic about the ground line activities will also be launched. And the flooring industry here, vigorous situation contrast, the other pole of different industry, home appliance industry, the two brands do not seem to make any statement through the media or activities. The resulting deep-rooted reason for this hot situation is that the two sides of the demand for different industry alliance and expectations are different. According to the China Forest Products Industry Association floor, </p>
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