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many flooring companies do not care

<p>huge industry-wide Of the impact, which should be to the original industry rankings, there has been a new industry leader. The so-called industry reshuffle, the left is the king, the word shuffle has been repeatedly mentioned in recent years, especially in 2011, the face of the international double reverse and domestic real estate regulation and control pressure, and raw materials, staff costs and other factors , The industry has more and more people feel the industry reshuffle approaching. The mention of a full year of shuffling did not appear in 2011, the end of some of the individual events in the industry aroused no small wave, but a few out of business and can not be called a reshuffle, because any industry is possible By the impact of various factors led to the phenomenon of individual enterprises out, only those who complete the order of magnitude changes, structural adjustment and brand </p>
<p>development of scale, can really be called a reshuffle. Although some professionals believe that the flooring industry reshuffle the next 3 to 5 years difficult to complete, although the reshuffle of the arrival of many accidental factors, but the fierce market competition is bound to accelerate the industry reshuffle process, and the flooring industry reshuffle situation is the law of the market Of the inevitable performance. Therefore, in the future, industry reshuffle will remain a hot topic.December 7, 2011, by the Zhejiang World Kang Wood Co., Ltd. sponsored by the World Kang Wood Jiangsu and Anhui dealers in 2012 strategic planning communication will be held in Yangzhou. Mr. Luo Bingzhang, General Manager of </p>
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