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Mahogany furniture market in the trough

<p>Redwood is China's high-end, valuable furniture, collectively referred to as timber. Redwood is produced in the tropics, red sandalwood. In the 1980s, people's demand for mahogany increasing, the industry needs to regulate the country according to density and other indicators will be mahogany specifications for the two families, five, eight, thirty-three kinds. As the saying goes, gold is valuable,<a href=''>outdoor wicker sun lounge rattan wicker furniture</a> mahogany is priceless. Mahogany slow growth, hard material, the growth period are more than a few hundred years, facing the crisis of resource depletion, the United Nations has explicitly protect tropical rain forest plants, prohibition of hacking, mahogany is now a rare artistic assets.</p>
<p>Over the past decade, when people realize the unique market value of mahogany, the demand increases year by year. Many mahogany furniture enterprises for the market place, inheritance of traditional crafts, the rescue of precious wood, in recent years, competing to collect a lot of wild old forest materials, old furniture, old door panels, beams, and even old old rice counters Wait. With a large number of raw materials have been exhausted and the introduction of the ban on imported timber, Hainan pear,<a href=''>outdoor beach rocker</a> red sandalwood and other old sources of material quickly dried up, the market price doubled every year, the material has become a point of the price of pounds.</p>
<p>According to "economic" reporter survey found that the current Vietnamese pear plate market, for example, the general 20 cm diameter square, the current price of 6 million yuan per ton; more smooth without cracking, then keep the 8 million -9 million Yuan; if over 2 meters long or wide aniseed, according to block bargaining can reach 12 million yuan per ton. "Therefore, the more expensive Vietnamese pear and other finest materials, whether it is from the favorite to the collection, or collection to investment, raw material prices in a decade of conservative estimates have risen nearly a few times." Beijing Goodwood mahogany general manager Huaqing Told reporters.</p>
<p>"More than 98% of the Chinese mahogany market is dependent on imports, but since 2013, seven of the 33 mahogany species are listed in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, Certificate or re-export certificate in order to conduct international trade, which resulted in the past two years mahogany furniture market downturn, but under the pressure of rare,<a href=''>bistro garden set in usa</a> high-quality mahogany prices are still on the rise. "Dongyang Redwood Industry Association is responsible for People said. Indeed, with the public taste and quality of the pursuit of art, mahogany is no doubt in line with consumers, investors and other needs of a variety of works of art. It is both the practicality of traditional furniture, while value-added space is also a dozen times the rate of annual bullish. Therefore, the purchase of mahogany by the public as a non-compensable sale.</p>
<P>In addition to investment in mahogany is a great work of art, its derived from the traditional process is also amazing. Master of traditional arts and crafts, Beijing intangible cultural heritage inheritors Du Xinshi revealed to reporters, red wood carving to use the traditional carving skills, making mahogany furniture to use tenon structure. No matter what kind of works of art produced in the wood processing links must be "straight to be straight, flat to be flat, curved to be along." "As mahogany precious, not a few years of experience in the production process in general afraid to work."</P> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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