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made of lining the background

<p>tube and two short pipe, were fixed on the wall and the top, in the cloth One end of the curtain is marked with a large metal buttonhole (curtain processing shop can do), and then wear on the tube, the bedside on both sides of the curtain can be extended to live around the bed, more security. Inspiration: quite industrial sense of the shape and timber, very suitable for single men's bedroom layout. 8. flower cloth turned to buy a piece of oil painting frame, the first thin cotton shop on the drawing board, would like to soft some more </p>
<p>layers, with a stapler it will be fixed on the drawing board. Then, choose a slightly larger than the drawing board of the cloth, it will be fixed in the cotton lining, pay attention to fixed in the back of the drawing board, and then this piece of paper can be fixed on the wall. Inspiration: the use of oil painting board made of lining the background of the background wall can choose their favorite pattern, cotton and soft cloth plus soft cloth, is a very practical background wall. 9. letter game bed head you can buy you and the name of the letter </p>
<p>among the representatives of the (art supplies shop or lettering shop can do), the purchase should be selected from the letter of size, for the letter is arranged when the patch And then according to the weight of the letters were selected with screws or double-sided adhesive to fix them to the wall. Inspiration: leisure time two people lying on the bed to play a combination of letters game, puzzle and entertainment, it is romantic to spend time the best place. 10 dolls play bed head to metal sheet (or thin decorative panel) cut into four, </p>
<p>mounting a fence on wall<br />
cheaper material of patio decking oman<br />
deck floors cyprus in uk</p> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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