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lot of floor space for creativity

<p>ducts. In fact, a lot of floor space for creativity, from the visual to the structure, to the material. Audi automotive technology to lead the future, the floor is also true, if the perfect combination of technology and creativity, the future of the floor will be a new world, rather than monotonous manufacturing process. The future of home wood industry not only for consumers to contribute to contemporary low-carbon and aesthetic products, but also like Audi, with the concept of the concept car concept floor to enlighten the future home life. Each period has its own fashion trends, designers can plan and deduce the future, and thinkers are foreseeing the future. The dream of the future home is to be a thoughtful designer, for the current mainstream consumer groups (75 and 80 on behalf of) the development of exclusive products of their personality. In 2010, the future of the world's first home in the future space series, which has become the company's industrial transformation and upgrading of Peugeot. Future space series of products to meet people's enjoyment of quality of life and low-carbon environmental protection. Future home floor, vice chairman Yao Jinen frankly: to firmly grasp the green economic opportunities, accelerate the pace of enterprise development. In 2011, the future home to continue to increase research and development efforts, and successively applied for dozens of utility model patents and a number of invention pa</p>
<p>tents, and put into use. The future of the new space is an example of a more concentrated application of technology. On behalf of the future will never stop society, overwhelming advertising. But more attention to precision delivery and dissemination of three-dimensional and interactive. 90's advertising, you can only tell the product, but the ads can play about 9 days to take effect, there will be dealers to call to goods. However, the spread of modern information and the proliferation of complex circumstances, the simple advertising in the media, take a long time to take effect, or may not work. Coupled with the huge cost of advertising, CCTV to vote on a 1000 to 10,000, no difference with the dozen, the significance may be that your business in the TV exposed face, but in order to establish a brand to not mention. So in this case how to seize the consumer, you need to pondering some of it. Modern society is a network of society, is the world of young people, they have enthusiasm, love to participate, the more novelty, the more individuality, the more exaggerated, the more high-profile they love. Their enthusiasm to the fast, to the fast. How to attract their attention, to seize their appetite for the building of enterprises is an urgent matter. The future home floo</p>
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