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Learn daily maintenance to make the floor more durable 

<p>Home use of wood flooring, daily maintenance should pay more attention to, compared to floor tiles, wood flooring is more delicate, so in the maintenance to the next point of effort.</p> 
<p>Daily maintenance 1: clean attention to water</p> 
<p>1, attention to control the amount of water: in the floor of the daily maintenance, cleaning is a necessary item. General stains can be treated with a soft dry cloth,<a href="">usa made railing</a> clean water must meet the stains, it is recommended to use the wet wring dry cloth to clean the drip. Wipe the floor is best to open the doors and windows immediately, so that air circulation, dry the floor. In wet weather, you can use a dry cloth and then wipe once, and then use air conditioning dehumidifier.</p> 
<p>2, the stain must be cautious cleaning: the floor of the stain to pay special attention to the general stains can be used to wipe the rags dipped in Taomi Shui directly on the floor, or Taomi Shui evenly sprayed on the composite wood floor (not too much) 5 minutes with a dry cloth to wipe, will achieve a very satisfactory cleaning effect; and special stains have to use special methods, such as lipstick, carbon pen, shoe polish, nail polish, smoke stains can be soft cloth with a little alcohol A touch; wax and chewing gum is to be hardened, with a blunt scraper gently cut.</p> 
<p>Daily maintenance 2: maintenance must be hard-working</p> 
<p>1, temperature and humidity regulation Note flexible: four seasons of different climate, the maintenance of the floor according to climate change, timely measures. In the hot season,<a href="">wpc profile production line</a> the floor is prone to expansion. Therefore, the paved floor space with air conditioning or electric fans to let the floor cool, keep cool. In the cold season, after the cold cracks will become larger after the floor. Maintenance need to pay attention to indoor ventilation time should not be too long.</p>
<p>2, regular waxing maintenance: the daily maintenance of wood flooring is the most important point is waxing. Wood flooring for some time, need to be a waxing, so that both volatile construction residue of moisture, but also extend the life of the floor. In addition,<a href="">tongue and groove outdoor flooring</a> the floor should be a quarterly waxing treatment to maintain the floor surface of the light and waterproof performance.</p> 
<p>Part4: moistureproof floor coup moisture items can not be less</p>
<p>Under normal circumstances can better protect the wooden floor from excessive moisture violations, at the same time, in order to prevent the floor damp, we can also DIY small coup to let the wooden floor moisture.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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