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Kindergarten flooring What is the most appropriate floor?

<p>First, environmental protection and strong</p>
<p>First of all, children's resistance to defense capacity is not strong in our adult, so the environmental aspects of special attention to harmful substances and more wood flooring products can not be used.</p>
<p>Second, anti-skid good</p>
<p>In the kindergarten, the floor can not avoid the emergence of water and other liquids, children walking will not be too stable, if the floor has water stains and the floor of the slip resistance is not good, prone to slip to the phenomenon.</p>

<p>Third, good water resistance</p>
<p>If the water is not good, it is likely to lead to mildew and other phenomena of the floor, therefore, the product must be high water resistance.</p>
<p>Fourth, good wear resistance</p>
<p>Although the child's weight is relatively light, but the child throughout the day will basically keep running back and forth the state, so the floor wear resistance needs better.</p>
<p>Currently the floor market in all kinds of ground decoration materials, foot kindergarten ground laying is relatively small, Xiaobian recommend the use of pvc flooring products for kindergarten, pvc flooring products in China, although the rise of the market relatively late, but for children Said very applicable.</p>

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