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Kangzhen two heads CNC steel equipment

Copper Huang Expressway is one of the key construction projects at the national "Nine Five" period, Shaanxi Province is a World Bank loan to build a second batch of highway projects longest, largest investment project of the most difficult a road. Shaanxi Province is an integral part of the "three vertical and four horizontal and five radiation highway main skeleton.

Built copper yellow highway extends north-south route in Shaanxi Province "m" shaped highway main skeleton. Kang-Machinery developed the production of high strength CNC vertical two heads bent center can process the maximum diameter ��32mm rebar.

Be done within a unit of work in both directions simultaneously bent Kangzhen machinery designed to seek diversification machining range, meet the needs of high-precision CNC machining, high efficiency to meet project schedule requirements, each work shift compared to the normal bending machines available 10 alternative operators of processing capacity, saving manpower for the construction of a large number of copper yellow highway.

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