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International flooring city

<p>tional trade center, commodity display center, warehouse logistics center as one of Wang Lin International flooring city completed and put into operation. 2010 and 2011, Wang Lin, the contractor for two consecutive world floor, to show the world to create a national demonstration area of ??high-quality laminate flooring charm. With the continuous advancement of brand strategy, Wang Lin laminate flooring product quality and visibility is also rising, how to accelerate the transformation of enterprises through innovation to become an urgent need to upgrade. To this end, Henglin Town and Nanjing Forestry University and other universities established for the development of new research base to encourage independent innovation, at all levels of government investment in scientific research and technological transformation of more than 2 billion yuan. Developed more than 1,000 kinds of new products, access to more than 20 patents. Rocky Wood Co., Ltd. Shen Ming-sheng, chairman told reporters that they invested 10 million yuan and Nanlin jointly developed a zero formaldehyde release of ne</p>
<p>w products, won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, and presided over the formulation and participation in the development of the six National standards and industry standards, not only the comprehensive utilization of agricultural waste straw with technical support and norms, but also enable enterprises to master the industry the right to speak. Jiangsu Kelida Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. General Manager Pu Weizhong, in 2009, he visited the museum in St. Petersburg accidentally discovered a carved floor, he photographed carefully with the camera down. Back, he looked at the photos and thoughtful research and development, and started to develop and test. Through more than a year of independent research and development, in 2010 he successfully developed a series of Kelida Louvre art carved floor, exported to Iran, India and other East Asian countries, popular sought after. Henglin flooring companies through continuous investment and innovation efforts to enhance the competitive edge of the market for the successful transformation of enterprises</p>
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