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installs the floor board

Profession of floor board of development of business of influence of environment of floor industry inside and outside is begun in home old, a series of profession malady are highlighted gradually nowadays come out, become an enterprise to develop the stumbling block on road. To enterprise itself, the work for after producing character not to measure pass a barrier, carry out does not reach the designated position to already became some enterprises to begin foot to catch up with hard now the crucial point element of professional footstep; To the profession, market is homogeneous change an appearance serious, produce can superfluous wait for a problem also particularly crackajack. Meantime, produce can superfluous the heat topic that becomes the personage inside floor profession course of study to talk about in recent years. Now, the agency on floor bazaar is in when facing disadvantage of this one profession, great majority is behaved relatively helplessly. In fact, well-done floor dealer also exists, this makes clear, bazaar still exists, still have more element effects merely. Most floor dealer thinks, just a little first consumptive group of the city differentiates more easily. Nevertheless, prefectural class city however ambiguous of group of these two kinds of consumption decompose, make thereby 34 lines bazaar appears a little muddleheaded. To instantly floor enterprise, competition is intense already turned bazaar into normal now. The near future, floor profession " red is heard " ceaseless, business failure recombines, employee asks for back pay, enterprise to manage difficulty to send close down payment for goods of divert of rumor rise from all directions, agency plays be missing. . . . . . The negative news of in quick succession is in the nerve that teases floor person ceaselessly, the company that runs to still endeavoring in swaying in the midst of a raging storm people for, how to find develop way particularly crucial point. Floor enterprise is gone against situation surround need to find the ground that begins direction to want to there is base oneself upon in the bazaar in the future, must set out from the following: Above all, trapdoor inn wants equitable distribution, it is with race to control market extends blindly for the intent no longer, and should be installed in order to carry out a circumstance. Next, the change manages a form, should fluctuate in work for and culture kongfu, in order to satisfy the need of consumer, offer practice work for. Final, fractionize bazaar, divisional high school is small upright bazaar, administrative levels ground chooses agency and brand, also can begin in order to begin toward 34 lines city. It is under this kind of ambiguous situation, the floor begins direction to include two fields roughly: On one hand, one batch just needed a crowd to begin to take floor and room allocated function seriously gender, comfortable sex and individuation, beautiful change; On the other hand, some people already were consumed now an old brand, renown brand, and even show " buy only expensive do not buy right " the tendency. This makes floor enterprise OK in the process of change form find surround direction, can seek long-termly below the case that finds bazaar business chance begin. On-the-job course of study begins posture relatively low fan, market chaos is resembled the layer does not go poor instantly, of floor enterprise begin also need to find the crux of the problem. Now bazaar adventitious is chased to the element nowadays gradual much, to floor enterprise, also will face bigger challenge. Below this kind of circumstance, do not calculate perfect itself only, ability is in go against find under situation surround direction.  
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