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installs environmental protection real wood of three-layer

<p>Make known to lower levels of national forestry bureau " level of state of wood floor of wood of paint facing lamination " (the following abbreviation " standard " ) make a plan,exterior wooden building wall panel this is wood floor industry a ministerial standard of product of wood floor of relevant lacquer face. </p>

<p>This standard agrees by Jiangsu at present Di Yamu course of study limited company and Jiangsu Ou Shengmu course of study limited company drafts make. Already passed national forestry bureau at present preliminary examine and verify,interior composite wall paneling promulgate formally in May carry out. </p>

<p>Abbreviation of wood floor of wood of paint facing lamination is lacquer face wood floor, because this product centered the advantage of aggrandizement wood floor and real wood floor, enhanced Mu Wen true visual perception suffers, and crural sense is better, noise is inferior, have beautiful, tall wear-resisting, brightness tall, paint is adherent force is powerful wait for a lot of characteristic. And market price case wants far under real wood floor, accordingly the product got gradually after come out the favour of the market.outdoor floor decking tiles italy  The expert points out: The manufacturing technology of lacquer face wood floor is the same as aggrandizement wood floor basic and identical, but the recipe of paint is very exquisite, need a few special technologies and recipe, but the current situation that is existed in product quality the good and bad are intermingled at present, after the standard comes on stage, can achieve the goal that purifies an industry. </p>

<p>Indoor environment processing will have normative contract</p>

<p>By Shanghai indoor environment purifies bureau of industrial and commercial administration, Shanghai one association makes jointly " condition of Shanghai room core purifies processing to serve a contract (2007 edition demonstrative text) " will roll out formally. make cheap diy patio flooring Of inobservant relevant provision will be fallen into disuse to go out from estate company bureau. </p>

<p>Treaty wording of this demonstrative sex service brews more through a year, listen to each opinion after many edit. Shanghai industrial and commercial bureau thinks about chief, in recent years, the market demand that consumer purifies processing to indoor environment is bigger and bigger, meanwhile, non-standard service phenomenon has repeatedly however happen, demonstrative contract will lead the 2007 edition that city industrial and commercial bureau and condition of Shanghai room core purify guild to be made jointly indoor environment purify an industry serve standardization, system to change. </p> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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