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Installation of wooden floor keel

<p>As the majority of the owners of the room floor can not ensure complete formation, and in order to ensure the level of solid wood floor pavement, you need to install wood keel, wood keel played a role in leveling the ground; In addition, the solid wood flooring can not be directly in the shop On the ground, the installation of wood keel can also increase the foot feeling of solid wood flooring.</p> 
<p>1, if the owner of the living room and bedroom are paved solid wood flooring, in order to achieve the pavement after the solid wood floor level is completely consistent, should be unified to do a 50 cm horizontal line for the floor in the process of leveling pavement. If only the bedroom pavement floor, you do not have to do 50 cm horizontal line, but should pay attention to the height of the bedroom after the pavement floor and the living room after the height difference between paving tiles, the gap can not be too large to adjust the height of the transitional bar is appropriate.</p>
<p>2, according to the room window into the direction of the main light and the customer's request to determine the direction of laying wooden keel, wooden keel laying direction and the floor should be cross vertical state.</p>
<p>3, according to the length of the wooden keel module and the length of the floor to calculate the distance between the wooden keel, and marked on the ground crossed. To ensure that the floor pavement strong, should ensure that the floor joints are in the wood keel. The spacing between the wood keel should be ≤ 40 cm.</p> 
<p>4, according to the length of wood keel, a reasonable fixed to the wood keel on the ground, the holes drilled holes should be ≤ 30 cm, hole depth ≤ 60 mm, so as not to puncture the floor. After drilling the cork diameter is greater than the diameter of the hammer drill, cement nails can also be directly fixed wooden keel.</p> 
<p>5, fixed wood keel, the need to use special wooden keel fixation, does not allow cement or water construction glue to fixed, so as not to affect the environment.</p> 
<p>6, in the installation of wood keel, the wood keel between the two should retain a certain spacing, spacing should be ≤ 5 mm, to prevent thermal expansion and contraction caused by wood keel deformation. At the same time, between the wooden keel and the wall should also retain a certain degree of expansion joints, the length of 8 mm -12 mm is appropriate.</p>
 <p>7, the installation of the wooden keel must ensure that the level of wood keel and the ground if there is a gap between the hard material should be used to pad real, you can leave the remaining wood keel split into small pieces to pad real. Such as wood keel itself is not level, application tools planing or pad flat wood keel end. After the installation of the wood keel surface roughness error should be achieved every 2 m ≤ 3 mm standard.</p>

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