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In - situ thermal regeneration technology

<p>Over the past decade, China has successively introduced a series of maintenance technologies from abroad, such as synchronous crushed stone sealing technology, fogging sealing technology, micro-surfacing technology, and recycling technology, all of which are contributing to China's conservation technology and Machinery continues to move forward, while users and industry experts are also exploring and thinking about: China's road maintenance market is about to usher in the peak of the occasion, the future of China's conservation technology,<a href="">Very practical Backpack blowers</a> conservation machinery will tend to where? Which or which of several conservation technology and maintenance equipment will occupy the industry mainstream? Next, the Chinese road network with a list of China's road industry, some of the major conservation technology and construction processes. Process principle: synchronous gravel seal is the asphalt binder spray and aggregate spread for the synchronization, so that asphalt binder and aggregate between the most adequate surface contact and the best adhesion.</p>
<p>Process Overview: As a result of synchronous gravel seal will binder spray and gravel spreading two processes concentrated in a car at the same time to complete, you can make the gravel particles immediately with the spray of good mobility of 120 ~ 140 ℃ Hot asphalt or emulsified asphalt contact,<a href="">Anti rain series pavement repair machine</a> and deeper buried in the binder, so synchronous gravel sealing technology has the following characteristics: good water resistance; good adhesion and slip resistance; good wear resistance And durability; good economy (synchronous gravel seal layer can be used as a low-grade highway transitional pavement to ease the temporary shortage of funds for highway construction problems); synchronous crushed stone seal construction process is simple, the construction speed, timely Speed ​​open traffic supporting the use of equipment: synchronous gravel seal cars, loaders, tire rollers, asphalt truck, sprinkler, road surface dust removal equipment and small milling machines and so on.</p>
<p>Construction of raw materials: ordinary asphalt, aggregate (granite, basalt, limestone, etc.) can be.</p>
<P>Construction process: In a section of road test seal layer, and according to its effect on the operating parameters to be adjusted until the desired results, and then long-distance continuous construction. The tire rollers were then rolled 3-4 times at once. If the use of natural traffic rolling, traffic vehicles must be speed limits. Sub-site construction for the closure, the other one can open the traffic. To do a good job of sub-layer sealing seam joints processing: the first cover layer to stay 10-15cm width does not spread the gravel,<a href="">how to seal cracks in driveway</a> to be the second layer of sealing along the edge of the reserved asphalt to synchronize the gravel spread. 1h (or 2h) after the sealing layer can open the traffic, but the need for traffic speed limit (≤ 40km / h can)</P> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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