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important place for long Sheng floor

<p>shaping the image of the leading corporate culture is the soul and potential productivity, is the cohesion of the spirit of enterprise, build enterprise core competitiveness of the strategic initiatives. In the long-term production and management process, long Sheng floor through continuous accumulation, screening, formed its own unique brand culture. From the dedicated, pragmatic, refinement to forge ahead for a long time, climb the heights, has been to promote enterprise innovation, move forward, forming a long-Sheng floor of the most valuable intangible assets. Since its inception, the long-Sheng floor, to a high standard, high starting point, high standards for enterprise development rely on the constant pursuit of excellence, leading the trend of fashion, advocacy of green products development concept, and ultimately into enterprise product development, brand development Of the sustained power. As a long-Sheng floor carrier of cultural heritage, &quot;long-Sheng&quot; is the witness of its cultural development process. The real record of years of development history and important deeds for a long time Sheng floor, </p>
<p>at present, it has become a long-Sheng employees to express their views, an important window of mutual exchange and become the community to understand the important place for long Sheng floor. In addition, the long-Sheng floor is also enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, and always practice the public responsibility, reflecting the social value of enterprises, from tree planting, poverty alleviation, to the establishment of long-sheng charitable fund, aid Wenchuan, Yushu earthquake disaster area, Practice of the entrepreneurial spirit, shaping the industry-leading image. So far, the long-Sheng floor has been fully completed the brand value of the shape, forming a unique core competitiveness of enterprises. If you want to ask what is behind the success of long-Sheng floor? Is a competitive brand, is the courage to climb the peak of the spirit, is the world's leading science and technology, is full of human nature scientific management is visionary development strategy </p>
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