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Huang Jian Hang railway tunnel construction

Project department and various branches only need to "Corporate pipe project" requirements, posts and responsibilities, review drawings, execution planning book can be. Under special circumstances need to be adjusted on-site, the project must be reported by the company after the audit to perform, for example, the unit price of a particular material, the beginning of the validation is $ 5, then the project must be executed in accordance with section 5 yuan, if the price fluctuations rose to 5.5 yuan It must be reported to the company re-approval, strengthening corporate management and control efforts, but also from the system to ensure the integrity of practitioners.

Since the decision-making power on the move, "Corporate pipe project" Project Department also put forward higher requirements: the scene of the ever-changing, to ensure that the "legal pipe project" and not out of the construction site, the daily work of the Department of the project planned to be richer , front and predictability.

According to the China Railway 15th Bureau of the company Hang Huang eight standard Second Division project manager Lan Xu Zhen, in accordance with pre-planning, where Qiao River tunnel exit only planning a construction road. And they found that in the implementation process, due to external reasons, if only to build a sidewalk, transporting the material will be affected.

To ensure the smooth progress of construction, Second Division plan ahead, proposed construction roads adjusted to two. After reporting company, soon to be approved, the tunnel exit also be smooth construction on schedule.

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