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How to remove small roller parts

<p>Small roller now is very common to see in community road construction. Learn how to dismounting the small removable roller, know its structure, can be better to use. Next, introduce you about how to remove a small roller spare parts. Remove the damping block and dovetail nuts peace pad, hanging under the plum pull assembly. </p>
<p>Stand up the gear unit, the motor up, leave the fixing bolts and remove the motor adapter and spend the frame plate mounting bolts, remove the motor and frame plate convergence and spend. Flip reducer, so that the rate, tubing put up, plus remove, drain pipes fixing bolts and screws barrels of oil, plus remove, drain pipes, remove the plum pull fixing bolts, remove the plum pull.</p>
<p>Open the damping block dovetail nuts peace pad, hanging under the right adapter frame support plate. Removal shock absorber strut mounting bolts with the corresponding shock absorber strut bolts screwed into the screw holes in the top, the top of the shock absorber strut.</p>
<p>Removal oscillation motor mounting bolts, remove the sleeve and the oscillation motor on it. Condenser apart and discrete. Removal of condenser mounting bolts, remove the condenser from walking on support. Condenser assembly with a wrench apart from the condenser, remove the O-ring from the condenser tank. Use a flat screwdriver Remove the pan-head screws and spring washers, remove the cover from the condensing porous plate, the distance sleeves and wool felt. Open walking support assembly, left bearing cover and so on.</p>

How to Properly Debug Small Roller
<p>In order to achieve our performance we will use a small roller in road paving, since the variable speed of small roller we need to debug, today we will help you to know how to debug a small roller.</p>
<p>No need to charge during debugging, but must be guided by the guide plate to raise the screw, and then press the jog mode hit the hammer slowly adjusted to the lower dead point, and particular attention must be guide plate,can not be pressed float rod too low, otherwise it will cause the float rod bent or broken. When you start stamping presses, it must be clockwise adjustment screw feeder speed, slower movement of the slider, so that it can come to see whether the length of nylon washers and screws to fine-tune slider to reciprocate.</p>
<p> When the slider reciprocates test machine, if not met only nylon washers length fine adjustment screw,there is a floating arm will be lowered enough, which need to punch down slowly to the guide screws. If you move the slider back and forth, metal leveling machine only met length fine adjustment screw does not touch nylon pads, which is a floating arm is lowered too, need to punch guide screws slowly to increase.</p>
<p>Doan machinery hope the above description can help you to use a small roller,our company is a professional manufacturer of small roller, the company since its inception has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise, you are welcome to purchase.</p>

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