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How to choose plastic wood flooring?

?Kang-resistant flooring professional production of wood preservatives, wood, wood, and production equipment preservative wood flooring, plastic wood flooring, wood-plastic floor; its full range, low price, commodity information stable, clear lines, glossy, Environmental protection, loved by the vast number of consumers, waiting for all the brothers here!

?Plastic wood flooring outside the job is quietly popular, it is low-carbon, green, environmentally friendly, recyclable use to subdue the hearts of many consumers, some experts assert that the future will be replaced by wood flooring solid wood flooring, flooring industry trends into a new trend . Wood flooring, out of context, is a combination of solid wood and plastic, with discarded plastic and throw away the wood, agriculture, forestry, orange rods and other animal fibers as the substrate, in adhering to the solid wood floor affinity, but also has excellent moisture , Acid and alkali, anti-fungal, anti-static, anti-moth-eaten and other functions.

Plastic wood flooring can be re-used, called the sense of the low-carbon, environmentally friendly, recyclable eco-plastic wood information. For consumers, the plastic-wood flooring attributed to energy-saving goods, not only excellent control of harmful emissions, but also be able to achieve the effect of air moisture and moisture.

?Some experts pointed out that: plastic-wood flooring is a new type of detection information, in line with our pursuit of recycling economy, advocating the purpose of low-carbon environmental protection can be used for landscape, interior and exterior decoration, flooring, Hulan, pond, pavilion and other places, The floor will become the trend of the future trend of address, home decoration into a wide range of building materials. China is a lack of timber capital of the country, due to excessive deforestation of green barriers have been damaged, dust storms intensified, so the Government attaches great importance to the selection of recycling costs and the protection of the ecological environment, which opened the wood flooring goods excellent white Of the environment.
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