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How the actor bad of quality of floor of appraisal model woo

The innovation of floor enterprise needs to combine oneself advantage to show nowadays, competition of floor profession market is fierce had become the fact that does not dispute, many floor enterprises also experience big environment in succession low fan under, come from each square competition pressure. Indeed, now of floor enterprise beginning had been the competition between company and company not just, rise to the argue of many levels however. Below this kind of atmosphere, floor enterprise launchs the effort that still requires have the aid of to establish different for a long time. As permanent for the company that is in competitive level, establishing different is permanent won't antiquated is topical, exhibited thick and fast in June after can ending, many floor people are in collect profession is popular and the trunk stream direction of commodity demand, establish different for commodity and undertake market survey. In current society, establish different about it is crucial for a company, establishing different is the motivation that a people advances ceaselessly, it is the source that a company develops ceaselessly. But establish different about floor enterprise character, also be a kind of trend merely, and be not " elixir god medicine " , want with follow the general trend " establish different " the manner launchs a company, itself extremely not rational, realize high profit hard anticipate. About traditional manufacturing industry, profit and living is undoubtedly the first. Passed more than 30 years of high speed to begin especially " sudden huge profits " times, let a lot of companies suit hard in the corner of instantly, want to return the golden age of easy profit again. These year, chinese society experienced tremendous change, chinese floor profession is begun with extensive mode high speed up to now day, follow the change of economic society, already entered reform period, for pursuit further begin, company, industry must undertake establishing different, include concept, commodity, work for, mode to wait. In order to launch the company as target establishing different, with respect to the preparation that must have protracted battle, changing is painful and difficult process, the investment of early days arrives for quantitative change only of qualitative change rise, but achievement will be extremely bright. Through in recent years the dug of floor person and begin, and draw lessons from to what foreign floor industry experiences, the profession established different to form general consensus at all about the floor -- establishing different is persistent evolution, and rather than overturns completely. Establishing different also is same, the look always cannot be looked at fresh, more moment demand is answered look at itself, also have inheritance only the ability establishing different of itself advantage is provide vitality more establish different. Together, besides the dominant position that knows oneself, more demand knows customer, understand market trend, of bazaar recognizing talent is the staff gauge that establishs different and terminus. Accordingly, below the circumstance that in bazaar competition turns white-hot with each passing day, of floor enterprise begin also actual condition undertakes demand connection itself, establish different about floor enterprise character is not a catchword, develop ceaselessly only establish different, floor company ability forms poor dissimilation advantage on bazaar.  
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