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How make floor board

Its advantage is to overcome the shortcomings of easy deformation of solid wood flooring, to maintain the beautiful pattern of precious wood, pavement after a very significant level.
3, the difference between solid wood flooring and laminate flooring
Solid wood flooring using natural raw materials of wood, without processing, natural, natural wood will receive a unique nature, easy to arch, easy to deformation. And after processing of the composite floor is generally not such a phenomenon.
Solid wood flooring in the wear resistance is not very good, and composite flooring, parquet wear resistance and wear resistance of composite flooring is also a far cry from. Strengthen the composite floor to add some special ingredients, so far in the wear resistance than ordinary solid wood flooring.
The use of natural wood flooring is of course the best environmental protection products, and composite floor more or less to use some additives, so the formaldehyde and other indicators are beyond the solid wood flooring.
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