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Hot asphalt pavement renewable conservation of energy effici

<p>Shanghai Doan machinery, 4 people, 20 minutes to complete the repair of a damaged road maintenance. May 26 morning, a special Fengming road vehicle attracted the attention of many pedestrians. This is the first city to introduce "big iron" road works equipment Integrated Maintenance - "Maintenance vehicles renewable heat ', maintenance and repair for the first time on the road.
Reporters saw at the construction site,<a href="">Asphalt Recycling Technology Category</a> as "ironing" an area of 2.85 square meters of the "big iron" landing, pavement instant Jumping Unit fog and 12 minutes after the "ironing" road surface temperature of 160 ℃, damaged asphalt pavement is softened. Immediately, the workers will slag harrowing road, then sprayed asphalt emulsion, add a small amount of new material, then leveling, compaction, after 20 minutes, a damaged road that is repaired. Reporters saw the whole repair process, waste slag road is 100% recycled.</p>
<p>In the past, the city has been following the traditional road maintenance process: first damaged road cutting, crushing, clear, and then fill the new material, compaction. Repair a road milling machine to spend, waste trucks, tankers, bitumen transportation trucks, rollers 5 vehicles, construction to 10 people, often takes a long time, and encounter snow and the weather could not be implemented. This time-consuming, labor-intensive,<a href="">Economic Benefits Of Nursing Asphalt Road Vehicle</a> consuming construction methods will produce large amounts of financial waste asphalt, bringing dust and noise pollution.</p>
<p>"Today, just one station machinery repair conservation, 4 people, 20 minutes to finish the thing." Engaged in road maintenance for 20 years Liuzhi Ting excitement was palpable. At the scene to guide the construction of thermal regeneration Yingda Ltd. Wu Ning, the "big iron" construction process is simple, the whole process no noise, no dust, no waste, impact on traffic is also very limited, after the road repair, half an hour to open to traffic road construction greatly reduce the cost of conservation.</p>
<p>Site command, Municipal Engineering Maintenance Management Office BRIDGES maintenance manager Qi state He said that the city invested 100 million yuan to introduce this repair car from heating equipment asphalt storage silos, emulsified asphalt spraying apparatus and pressure road equipment components, the use of advanced world is renewable geothermal technology, by in situ thermal regeneration technology,<a href="">Upscale All round lifting work lights manufacturer</a> the formation of hot Pavement joints, seams to enhance the shear force, no weak interface problems, avoid water leakage, to achieve seamless pavement, serve the purpose of "welding" of the road, life of up to three years or so. "Big iron," the use, marking the city's road maintenance move towards a low-carbon, environmentally friendly, efficient era.</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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