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horizontal split panel and the bottom floor

the quality is stable. Buy bamboo flooring bamboo flooring: First: in the purchase, consumers want to see whether the relevant information available, including manufacturers, registered trademarks, product grade, inspection reports, and the use of the customer service service, the information available shows that manufacturers are formal enterprises with certain scale. Secondly, to look at the structure, because the process is different, the bamboo floor structure is divided into flat,

vertical and horizontal split spell spell 3, flat fight is a three layer structure, the fight is a single-layer vertical structure, horizontal split panel and the bottom plate is vertical and the middle layer is horizontal. Furthermore, look at the material available to consumers, hand weigh in hand, if less, this is the young bamboo processing; if the pattern is not bright and blurred, this is not the fresh bamboo processing,

the bamboo piled up for a long time, not timely processing. Then look at the overall quality, whether through uniform, smooth, there is no bubble and the texture is soft and delicate, to judge the merits of any surface coating; from 4 - 5 pieces of bamboo flooring, placed on the flat surface splicing groove whether commissure, in the hand touch surface is smooth; and bonding strength, because the bamboo floor is from some bamboo adhesion and bonding is close by hand breaking, to see if there are delamination between layers, can also be a piece of bamboo flooring in boiling water and cooking for 10 minutes,
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