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Homogenization of the floor

<p>ect, the system of service system, and this is North American Maple situation core competitiveness. North American Maple Beijing Branch Deputy General Manager Lu Mingxu pointed out. Homogenization of the floor in the serious today, whether to provide differentiated services for developers to select the partners to become the focus of investigation. Flooring engineering business problems multiple construction stage into difficulties Lu Mingxu introduction, the project than the retail business needs to provide several times more follow-up services. A single engineering business, from the floor to participate in the tender business, production of products, pavement and then to the owner about one year after the arrival of complaints of high incidence, the flooring companies need to provide </p>
<p>at least two years of service. Wood flooring products due to the use of natural materials, with thermal expansion and contraction and the exchange of water and other biological characteristics of the outside world, in the process of pavement and the use of special attention to avoid damage to the product. It is understood that the current flooring companies involved in the fine decoration business, the most frequent engineering rework and quality problems are mostly due to other reasons.Now China's wood flooring industry is in the industry reshuffle period. Consumer attitudes shift from product consumption to brand consumption; with the change in consumer attitudes, the market is bound to make adjustments, the wood flooring industry trends require more centralized brand and r</p>
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