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High - speed pest control work

<P>Pump piston because of direct contact with the concrete, requiring sealing, wear, when we found the water tank in the water or muddy concrete, we should realize that the piston is serious wear and tear,highway irregular fractured zygomatic we need to check the piston, If the piston wear and tear on the need for timely replacement, so as not to hurt the concrete cylinder. Specific steps are as follows:</P>
<P>The water in the tank to put the net, clean up the debris inside the tank. Remove the limit sleeve and platen, close the U-valve at the end of the cylinder and rotate it to the cylinder. The panel selection surface control,crack sealant meltable packaging through the manual jog, the piston back to the tank inside. Then use the hexagon and crescent wrench to dismantle the piston (usually have these tools on the car, pay attention to the demolition must stop, press the emergency stop). After the removal is completed, remove the piston body with a rope or other tool and remove it.</P>
<P>In order to facilitate the installation, install the piston before the grease, or with the rope to the piston inside the tank. Make the cylinder connection flange and piston flange right. Slightly move the cylinder, push the piston you want to replace into a small part into the concrete cylinder, and use the crescent wrench to align the flange connection screw. Screw on the bolt, according to the order of a screw on the first tightened after the end,best asphalt driveway crack repair lutherville must also be a second reinforcement tightening. After tightening, repeated jog, so that the piston and concrete cylinder better fit. Open the U-valve that was closed during disassembly. Be sure to stop. Operation must not hand into the concrete cylinder inside to avoid danger. Piston extraction, must use a rope or other tools, to avoid direct hand to get.</P> Forum Index -> Questions about ITT mechanics
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