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high-density fibreboard for the productio

the purchase of low-cost laminate flooring, the results after use Only to find a lot of problems, some only six months to crack, from Alice, and some poor moisture resistance. Quality supervision departments in the sampling found that there are quality problems of laminate flooring, most of the use of low quality sub-density board,
particleboard as a production material, substrate composition confusion. [Analysis] The substrate is the main part of the laminate flooring, usually using high density fiberboard as the substrate. The quality of high-density fibreboard for the production of high-quality laminate flooring is affected by a variety of factors such as tree species,
production process, adhesive type, sizing process and whether or not a waterproofing agent is applied. The quality of the substrate directly determines the quality of the laminate flooring. Different quality high-density fiberboard production of enhanced wood flooring quality is different. With high-quality high-density fiberboard made of laminate flooring strength,
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