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Heavy wood ants floor

leading flooring fashion style As we all know, it can be used for domestic wood floor substrate few, mainly dependent on imports from South America, North America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Before heavy wood ants floor popular, <a href="">inexpensive artificial teak material decking</a>it has been dominated by teak. Teak is a rare and precious floor, but because of the price, after all, non-public teak flooring families can afford. Thus, many domestic businesses have been able to replace it in the search for one kind of flooring materials. 1994 finally discovered a now known as Brazil, "Rosewood," the floor, it will meet stability requirements teak and hardness than teak. From the performance point of view, it can replace teak floors. However, its price is actually higher than that of teak, it was as high as 800 yuan per square meter, far from today's prices comparable. Later, the domestic manufacturers have professional experience and research experts, confirmed that the "Rosewood" should be called heavy wood ants more appropriate. However, heavy wood ants floor just entered China's first few years, due to the overall procurement volume is not great, and many businesses it as a lucrative source of flooring varieties, bound the size of the development of heavy wood ants floor, <a href="">in usa cheapest wall panel market</a>making it in the end of the high price, many consumers had "Wangban sigh." Shanghai Shun other well-known wood flooring business, with its unique strength advantages, resources and technological advantages, large-scale procurement of high-quality heavy wood ants plates, and hold high the "bargains banner" mass production heavy wood ants floor to prices dropped to historic lows. Let high-end heavy wood ants floor to households. Heavy wood ants is extremely hard material weight, durability, a high degree of corrosion, anti-termite ants, pleasing color, texture, and has excellent dimensional stability, in particular, <a href="">cheap balcony design</a>to adapt to China four seasons, temperature and humidity significantly different climate. Heavy wood ants floor is on the market nowadays can see the specifications of the most complete varieties and specifications of more than 65 short and 45 cm, length 1500 cm, there have 606,758,909,1212 cm different lengths. Narrow 5 cm width 15 cm. Heavy wood ants around the world, widely used in interior decoration ground, particularly in Europe and other countries, the park can be seen everywhere ants wood outdoor floor. Because the many advantages of heavy wood ants floor, so Expo 2005 theme park has also been identified in Brazil heavy wood ants do outdoor floor. Typhoon Matsa affected this year, <a href="">good outdoor wall panels</a>Zhejiang, Wenzhou, many families in the flood-infested floor, in addition to heavy wood ants, many other varieties have different degrees of deformation of the floor, enough to see the heavy wood ants excellent stability! Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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