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Hang Huang railway management behavior standardization

Step of separating professional people to do the professional thing a total length of over 46 kilometers of the railway project, according to the traditional project management model, typically by the length of the project will be divided into a plurality of segments, the segments are independently responsible include Qiangai, concrete, precast box girder, bridge erection construction and all other aspects of the production tasks.

But Hang Huang eight standard but innovative implementation of the "separation process, contract labor costs" and construction production "specialized, intensive, industrial" management model to achieve standardization of project management practices, modular, intensive. Characteristics of the project, a total of Hang Huang eight standard set up three specialized civil construction division and four professional services division, a girder segment. "Three Qiangai do, you specialize in a full range of three-Qiangai; made of steel processing, it is responsible for the full range of steel processing and distribution; concrete production and supply a full range of all to the professional concrete mixing stations to complete, reinforced concrete implementation of internal processing and commercialization. we want a professional to do the professional thing. "

Hu Guang said. Under the leadership of the project led by the Department, reporters came to Hangzhou Huang eight Biaowu Division set up in Jixi steel plant, which is the general manager of Hang Huang Zhiping the company praised the "Hang Huang largest railway line, the most standard, the most standard steel processing plant. "

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