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Hang Huang railway equipment NC

In an area of 5500 m2 workshop, furnished with CNC steel roll cage welding machine, CNC bending steel hoop multifunction machine, CNC bending center and vertical reinforcement steel mesh welding machine network and other advanced steel processing equipment. According to different purposes, the plant also organized a divided material storage, processing, semi-finished products storage, transport, etc. in different regions, formed a complete line.

At the construction site to build a shed, and the traditional way of manual processing workers compared Hang Huang eight standard equipment used NC focus on the implementation of steel processing, reducing not only the land use, improve the machining precision and efficiency, but also significantly reduce the processing cost. According to Tong Hang Chau How-yellow eight Biaowu branch manager, plant used steel roll cage welding process 10 tons per steel cage, at least 10 labor-saving, labor-saving costs about 2,000 yuan, a real factory, specialization, intensification.

In addition to steel processing, Hang yellow eight concrete supply is subject Originality. Through scientific planning, project department specially arranged Railway 15th Bureau Duyun bridge company set up six mixing stations across the board, responsible for the full range of concrete supply mission, and has set up a concrete dispatch center, according to the full range of construction organization plan, unified , dynamics, timely delivery.

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