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Hang Huang railway efficiency

This initiative significantly reduce unnecessary waste. "For example, a mixing station 20 vehicles, six mixing plant needs 120 vehicles, but in the unified dispatch center, 100 car might be enough, doing we can save a few million a year through linkage deployment, the site will come alive. "Hu Guang said.

In order to improve the quality of supply and service attitude of concrete, Duyun Bridge Company strengthened the evaluation of various mixing plant, developed a strict incentive measures, such as the occurrence of line under construction units complaint, the responsible person will be punished by 200 to 800 yuan not and other cash penalties.

Change the service concept, but also further improve the construction of the line productivity. China Railway 15 Bureau three companies Hang yellow three division project manager Sun Yongjun, told reporters: "We are from mid-December last year to the end of January this year, just 40 days to complete the construction of 13 cast beams, steel, concrete adequate preparation, prepared, services in place, played a crucial role. "enhance shelf management team to build a solid operational level in the traditional" large packet mode "service team often comes with machinery and equipment, and even since the purchase of the main material, not only high unit price contract, safety, quality can not be guaranteed, but also prone to engineering disputes, payment of wages of migrant workers is not in place and other issues.

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