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Hang Huang forging excellent model railway

Autumn Jixi County, still meandering green water, Castle Peak, such as Dai. Mountains, the design speed of 250 km Hang Huang railway passenger line construction is in full swing. This railway connection between Hangzhou and Huangshan, series from the Lake, the Fuchun River, Jixi Shexian and other tourist attractions, is a truly world-class golden tourist channel.

For eight bear Hang Huang railway construction for the task Railway 15th Bureau Group, the railway, they also explore the "corporate tube project," the main front, an enterprise project management to a higher level of exploration and innovation path Road. Move Management Open change the way the so-called "Corporate pipe project" is in legal entities as the main responsibility of the project, the full exercise of legal persons for the project's management rights, implementation concentrated preparation, centralized management of funds, equipment and materials centralized purchasing, concentration of resources deployment , the project by the legal representative of the exercise of delegated project management authority.

Its biggest advantage is that the shift decision-making power, the project into executive level project management, to maximize corporate level talent, technology, equipment, financial, material and other resources to improve the ability of intensive management of the project security , quality, schedule, cost control of all aspects of the more rigorous.

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