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Good quality stainless steel furniture

<p>True material new technology good quality</p>
<P>According to report, steel furniture, mainly to Gangmu furniture, steel skin and steel furniture appearance. Gangmu furniture first appeared, the use of materials generally include steel, sheet and glass panels, surface decoration materials and coatings, adhesives and so on. High-end products using the steel is better, is made of A-grade high-frequency welded pipe, the average wall thickness of 1.2mm ~ 1.5mm,<a href=''>folding clothes dryer rack manufacturers</a> inferior products and imitations more use of low-cost rusty steel pipe and even iron pipe, lack of hardness and smoothness, This will directly reduce the performance of the product support and aesthetics in the future. The combination of steel and leather furniture with environmentally friendly leather wrapped sheet finishes, wear resistance, good flexibility, elasticity, tensile strength, not fade, the skin thickness of 1.5mm. All steel furniture materials are also different, there are color steel, polished, chrome and stainless steel wire drawing and other forms, polished, chrome steel furniture the most common, and color steel and steel drawing the most popular.</p>
<p>Polished and chrome-plated steel furniture is mainly to prevent rust, but the surface is easy to leave fingerprints and smudges, because the steel and the process is chrome and polished inside, but also easy to fake. But the color steel and stainless steel wire drawing furniture on the steel and process at a glance,<a href=''>pe wide chairs</a> so use the most at ease. "A representative of the production of steel furniture manufacturers, told reporters that a steel production plant furniture production line will need more than 10 million yuan, a small furniture factory does not have the capacity to produce such furniture, imitation is not possible, such as steel furniture Surface roughness, leaving grooves, overlapping and glitches and other defects, each defect can also damage the metal surface to a certain depth, only by pickling, electropolishing or spraying methods such as cleaning up, machining and welding will cause the surface roughness, But now the all-steel furniture, and more to the thickness of 1mm to 1.2mm high-quality thin-walled carbon steel stainless steel pipe production,<a href=''>color romantic chairs for party</a> not rust, after special treatment available for more than 20 years, and cost than solid wood furniture is also low, bright colors Germany and Switzerland production line, the surface coating and accessories the best place or in Germany, Austria and France, together with the production process from Germany, without polishing, chrome, brushed steel furniture, only superb skills, Of the process has been slightly better. "</p> Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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