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<p>industry-leading drying base, according to the North and South pavement climate differences, precise control of moisture content of the floor and pavement area moisture content to ensure that each floor has excellent stability. It is understood that the 2011 home buyers preferred home brand list, through the soufun home, China's top 500 real estate development enterprises to participate in the survey, which lasted one year of research and evaluation, and through the national survey of more than 100 home brands online shopping, List, 500 lines of building materials buy, tens of thousands of owners interviewed survey, comprehensive selection of Chinese home buyers preferred brand home. China Real Estate Appraisal Center authoritative 2011 China home buyers preferred home brand list, objectively and truly reflect the developers home purchase of selected brands, with </p>
<p>high representation and reference significance. Flooring industry expert Gao Zhihua said that at present, China's flooring industry, a serious surplus, nearly half of production capacity in idle. At present, China has about 2,300 wooden flooring companies, annual production capacity of about 800 million square meters, but 400 million square meters of which did not play a role. He conservatively estimated that floor sales this year, down at least 20%. The property market cooling, a direct impact on the downstream home market. The face of market changes, some people happy Some people worry, some companies can not withstand the cold and closed down, but for some enterprises, this is an opportunity, can </p>
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