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general problems encountered by enterprises

domestic building materials supermarkets in the formation of a unified procurement, unified operation, every day parity, now mainly through the opponent to squeeze to survive. The industry believes that the domestic building materials supermarkets only by strengthening their own management can get rapid development.
Now many suppliers do not dare to cooperate with the building materials supermarket. To B & Q, for example, there are more than 50 stores nationwide, if a cabinet brand in each store's monthly sales of 10 million, then more than 50 stores totaled more than 500 million, and B & Q's general money is 60 days, the supplier really get the money about 90 days.
The supplier's financial pressure is very large. Such as Baidu suppliers Totem Po-kai company, they encountered in the B & Q over the backlog of funds caused by excessive wages do not come out. In fact, this is some of the general problems encountered by enterprises entering the building materials supermarket.
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