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Martín Montoya is considering a move to the Premier League having decided to leave Barcelona in the January transfer window, his agent has said.

Montoya was on the radar of several clubs in the summer, including Liverpool, but he wanted to fight for a spot in Barcelona's XI.

“He is going to go in January and all that has to be done is to reach an agreement with Barcelona Authentic Alex English Jersey ,” Montoya’s representative Juan de Dios Carrasco told Reuters on Tuesday.

“There are a number of clubs in England that are ready to negotiate for him and his buy-out clause is €20m [£15.9m].”

Montoya has found himself fourth in the pecking order at the Camp Nou behind Dani Alves, Douglas and Adriano.

Sandoval Open To Midseason Talks With Giants - RealGM Wiretap

Pablo Sandoval has told his agent, Gustavo Vasquez, to continue negotiating with the San Francisco Giants about a possible contract extension during the season.

It remains to be seen if the Giants are open to doing so at this point.

Brian Sabean typically avoids in-season contract talks.

There was a considerable gap when the two sides last spoke. Sandoval is looking for a five-year, $90 million deal, while the Giants were looking at $40 million over three seasons.

锘? Social Media is definitely a hot topic when I talk to people about interactive marketing. When someone asks me about Social Media, its typically one of these two questions:

1. What in the world is Social Media?
2. Does my business need to focus on it?

Lets dive into both of these questions a little deeper.

What in the world is Social Media?

Social Media simply put is the two way sharing of information through the Web via groups of people that share a common link. This process typically starts with someone creating content (article, blog post Wilson Chandler Nuggets Jersey , video, audio, etc) and introducing to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc). People in the social networks contribute to the content either by creating additional content (comments) or by lending credibility to it (voting, linking, or forwarding). In essence Kenneth Faried Nuggets Jersey , the social network promotes the content if they want to. Social Media works on a permission model by people first opting into the social network, and by the members being able to give the content a thumbs up or down.

Currently, Social Media can be categorized into five basic types:

Wikis (Wikipedia) sites that allow users to create articles, add edits or comments, and vote on quality of content.
Networking (LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace) sites where people can create a profile, comment to each other Jusuf Nurkic Nuggets Jersey , join groups, etc.
Bookmarking (Del.icio, Stumbleupon) sites where users bookmark content that they like. Other can peruse the bookmarks by searching for topics.
Media Sharing (Youtube, Flickr, blip.TV) sites where people can upload rich media, such as video and pictures, and share them with friends or family.
News (Digg, Newsvine JJ Hickson Nuggets Jersey , reddit) sites where people can identify, share and vote on articles.

Does my Business need to focus on Social Media?

The first goal of any internet marketing initiative is to get potential customers to come to your website. The only way to do that is to have content on the site that these potential customers perceive as valuable. Theres really no reason to worry about Social Media until you have a fairly compelling site that can convert prospects to customers. After you have done the initial work of creating a user friendly site with some good content and done some basic website optimization, Social Media might make sense for you. Virtually all business can benefit from Social Media, but do the potential benefits outweigh the costs? Lets take a look at some of the benefits of Social Media.

Improve Brand Recognition

Social Media can help you promote your brand without spending a ton of money. It does take time and effort to build and manage a social network online, just like it does offline, so be sure to take that time cost into account and put someone in your company in charge of that effort. Many social media sites don't provide links that improve search ranking, but can provide traffic to your site. Also, bloggers and other social network members may link to you because of your promotion efforts Gary Harris Nuggets Jersey , and this will improve search engine ranking. Social Media content also has value due to the fact that the creator or promoter of the content is part of the social network. There is trust in their relationship with the recipient, and the promoters credibility can transfer to you and your product. Have you ever looked at customer reviews of electronics or researched customer testimonials or service issues prior to buying something online? If you have, youve experienced the power of social networks. Forum Index -> Serious Games Section
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