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Fu Feng floor

<p>Now in e-commerce and experience-based marketing model, such as the continuous development of enterprises can not only start a diversified marketing model, the product has a broader sales space, at the same time, consumers will buy the rest assured, comfortable. New markets With the increasingly fierce competition in the primary market, the market pressure and saturation of the case, all enterprises will be strategic objectives shifted to the three or four lines of the market. Experts believe that three or four of the city 's real estate bubble is relatively small, the real estate industry is relatively stable and healthy, so a good real estate industry to promote the development of the flooring industry. And the floor enterprises to carry out three or four markets with market competition, low operating costs advantage In the three or four line market, the floor industry competition is far less than a second-tier cities so intense.</p>
<p>The rural market for the flooring industry has a huge appeal, the market prospects are quite broad. Many flooring companies will target the potential strategic goal of a huge rural market. I believe the new market will bring greater profit margins for all enterprises. Now the flooring industry evolved and the speed of development, so that is dizzying, amazed. At the same time, we also more clearly, for consumer services and consumer demand as the enterprise to meet this is the survival of the road, while adjusting the strategic objectives and the courage to innovate is the enterprise worth thinking about.  </p>
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