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Flooring wholesale Department

September 7, neither a legitimate business qualifications, and dishonesty "underground" wholesale unit floor, City of Industry Bureau Zhifu Branch of nearly a month of investigation, was finally caught in downtown happiness Road,  Box 1100 allegedly not qualified flooring is completely sealed. Decorate the house encounter "black board" the year before last November, who lives in the southern suburbs of Lo with hard earned money she saved to buy a new house set Sanshiyiting. In late August last year, intended to decorate the house, he came to the city in a large decorative materials market to buy the floor. Visited several door head shop after feeling is not ideal, it came to a wholesale department floor, in front of a row of sample shelf, looked at the colorful sample stopped in her tracks. To see the new customer, surnamed Jiang shop owner immediately came up, while holding forth describes the appearance of various types of color samples, retail price, performance indicators, while easily took a pamphlet handed over from the shelves . Lo casual glance, I saw printed on the cover in addition to home decoration color photographs, but also were printed in Shanghai Wood Co.,  a brand flooring words, people looked really quite cool heart. Then open book look, soft, light, relief in ten colors, laminate flooring picture two series of dazzling variety, marked with a national patent technology, environmental label certification and international environmental organizations, European environmental organizations 10 kinds of certification mark, could not help but make people whom echocardiography. Listening to the boss's introduction side, look at the hands of the booklet, the temptation Lo, some bargaining, to 2650 yuan traded the 65 square meters of business floor, the shop also promised to be responsible for home delivery shop loading. A few days later, Jiang boss who led the work only one day, put the Lo family Sanshiyiting paved the whole floor. The end of January this year, Mr. Lu family happily housewarming. When the end of March found that part of the living room floor joints starts to varying degrees, warping, surface gradually peeling paint,  brooms and mops do not rub a few back and forth, to reveal the inside of the background. After some time, the three-bedroom floor also began to gradually "fade." Looking at new paved floor with a few days it would look ugly pair, Lo not help but feel guilty played a whisper: hey look when selected goods, overhead and cover more than 10 top "golden halo", shop boasted boss said no quality problems brand goods, such as how just papered without the use? Surprisingly,  those with hard-earned money on the floor, and later brought him endless trouble. Two bosses "pass the buck" in early April, Mr. Lu found ginger boss for a raise request a replacement. Forum Index -> Other Warcraft 3 game chat
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